RFID guest tracking & event check-in solutions

Custom branded solutions to understand your guests journey throughout the life cycle of your event.

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How can RFID technology work with your event?

"From the moment a guest arrives our real time tracking will follow their journey throughout the life cycle of the event."
RFID has revolutionised the event experience. RFID offers you and your guests the ultimate in streamlined event registration, event check-in and brand activation. Using contactless wearable RFID media your guests can seamlessly transition through and interact with your event program experience.

Using custom touch points and portable check-in technology you have the ability to easily monitor and analyse your attendee journey. From arrival, in-transit, event attendance and departure we have your guests event life cycle covered.


Guest arrival check-in

Our mobile check-in application lets you check-in your guests at any arrival point using custom scanning devices or the phone in your pocket. Check-in data can be stored offline or synced in real time across unlimited connected devices.

Guest in-transit monitoring

Custom designed autonomous touch points - By positioning touch points on guest transit vehicles you are now able to understand the location of vehicles and which guests are on board. Crucial for health and safety compliance.

Guest registration

Desktop or mobile applications allow for fast simple RFID media activation, cancellation or updating. Giving your host staff and guests a superior registration experience.

Guest event check-in

We understand that on-site environments can be a challenge. More often than not Wifi is not available and the location can be open to the public. With this mind we offer custom handheld scanning devices with 4G capability suitable for in-the-field mobile check-in.

For secure private event locations we offer elegant digitally branded self check-in stands. The stands run on their own power allowing you to strategically place them based on your guest entry flow.

On-site brand activation & social media.

Take your event-goers relationship with your brand to the next level. Get measurable brand interaction by simply asking your guests to tap their wristband at points of interest. Allowing visitors to easily share your brand and their event experience through social media.

In-depth guest analytics

Real time analytics are available throughout the duration of your event. From up to the second attendees at an event to real time in-transit guest manifests.

Post event life cycle analysis - Easily generate event life cycle journey statistics for individuals or a groups of guests. Essential for understanding visitor engagement and experience levels.

Consultation & On-site Representation

We offer solutions based on barcode, QR code, RFID and NFC scanning. We will support you every step on the way. From building the branded guest program solution, managing your guest data requirements and supporting the technology on-site throughout the the life of your event.

Guest Data Management - Import or Integrate

Qflow makes it easy to manually upload existing guest data or integrate directly with your booking system for frictionless automated real time updating.

Pepcity UEFA Champions League Finals 2017 & 2018

In association with FUSE Int. A marketing agency within the Omnicom Media Group providing inspiring event management and brand awareness for leading global brands.


To provide a fluid and insightful check-in experience for multiple events across the cities of Cardiff (2017) and Kiev (2018) for both Pepsi VIP’s and Pepsi competition winners.

To facilitate an elegant guest arrival registration process for VIP and Competition Winners using RFID ID cards.

Ability to check-in and generate detailed real time guest bus transit manifests to adhere to transport health and safety requirements.

Ability to track individual transport guest manifests in real time. A prerequisite in case of any accident or emergency incident.
On site Qflow team management and daily post event and transport manifest reports.


Custom hardware created for guest check-in

In-depth strategy consultancy to facilitate and track a guests journey. From initial registration and inbound bus transits to pre and post match event check-in and out bound bus journeys. This was all handled elegantly via the guest’s unique RFID ID cards.

Guests were able to choose a bus transit time with their RFID cards swiped prior to departure. Bus manifests were generated from each RFID swipe allowing management to have access to bus specific manifests in line with required health and safety regulations.

Qflow representatives were on-site throughout the duration of the weekends events in training and troubleshooting capacities. The Qflow team provided ad hoc advice and real time reports to Fuse management allowing for maximum attendee insight.

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